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International TV and Film Technology Conference, 1-3 December, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

CCP and VTL Communication Group of Vietnam proudly present our conference for invited organisations from all over the world


December 1, Anytime

Time and Date

December 1-3, 2010


Sofitel Saigon Plaza 
17 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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Practice Area

Training Level

CCP and VTL Communication Group of Vietnam proudly present our conference for invited organisations from all over the world. Participating organisations will obtain a comprehensive understanding of Vietnamese communication markets and investment policies. They will also establish links and contacts with businesses in the country. Vietnam is developing rapidly and it is an opportune time to discover investments in that market, especially in the fields of mass communications and television.

Content/Film/Movie Investment
DRM Security/ Content Protection
Technology Deployment
Hotel/Commercial Pay TV
Partnerships with local Vietnam companies

To build good relationships between 10-15 invited organizations, and with important local guests from Vietnam including the Vice President of the Vietnam Communications and Cultural Ministry, and senior executives of Vietnam Television (VTV) and Ho Chi Minh Television (HTV). Organizations shall also be able to meet and discuss with producers of TV programming, documentary films, movies, mass media and so on.
To assist participating organizations to adopt a broad and in-depth comprehension of the Vietnam market in the areas of communications and television, through presentations from VTV, HTV and production houses. Presentations will focus on TV Production, TV Series, and technology issues such as Cable TV, HDTV, Digital TV, DBTV and content protection. There will be some discussion regarding the recent decision of the government to switch all systems of transmission and broadcast from Analog to Digital.
Participating organisations shall have the opportunity to make presentations that introduce their products and services to Vietnam guests.
Targeted Industries

Film/TV/Movie Investment
Technology and Content Protection
Law firms
Presentation Topics

Company Introductions
Current developments/issues in Vietnam
Perspectives of Vietnamese companies
Identification of technology trends/hotspots
Discussion of government-industry partnerships and cooperation
Business opportunities and developments

Sofitel Saigon Plaza 
17 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Cost is USD 888 per person. CCP Members at USD 888 per person.

Lunch sponsor + recognition + 3 tickets = USD 5000
Networking sponsor + recognition + 3 tickets = USD 5000
Cultural tour sponsor + recognition + 2 tickets = USD 3000
Dinner sponsor + recognition + 3 tickets = USD 5000





Names of Presenters/Comments

Dec 1


Arrival and Registration

Isa Seow

6.00 PM

Evening City Tour

Dec 2

9:00 AM

Conference and Introduction of all companies present


10:00 AM

Presentation by CCP and VTL


10.30 AM

Presentations by Vietnam Companies:

– Representative of Ministry  of Information & Communication


– Broadcasters

– Ho Chi Minh TV/Telecom companies

Topics: "Doing Business in
Vietnam": Projects, and prospective business interest

Mr Vu Van Hien

Mr Do Quy Doan

Mr Tran Binh Minh

Mr Nguyen Thanh Luong

Mr Cao Anh Minh

11.30 AM

Presentations by CCP Companies:



– Disney/Time Warner

Alvin Lee, Executive Director, Time Warner;
Kenneth Lee, Director, Content Protection, Disney;
Vidar Sandvik, Product Marketing, Conax;
Frank Rittman, VP, Policy, Motion Picture Association;
Brian Ridgeway, Nagravision;
Giri Valliappan, Digital TV Labs;
Takahito Iida, Director of Strategy, Dentsu

1.00 PM



2.00 PM

Presentations by
Government and Trade associations

– Representative of  Ministry of Foreign Affair

– Representative of  Ministry of Investement and Planning

– Representative of  Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Communication

– Representative of  General Director of Investconsult Group


Mr Pham Sanh Chau

Mrs Phan Thanh Le Hang

Mr Hua Ngoc Thuan

Mr Nguyen Si Anh

Mr Nguyen Tran Khanh


Informal discussions over issues identified in the morning


4.30 PM

Breakout Sessions

1)  Legal and investment

2)  Post production investment

3)  Content protection

5.30 PM



7:00 PM

Dinner at
VietnameseTraditional Restaurant


Dec 3

10:00 AM

Visit to HTV Television


1.30 PM



3:00 PM

Visit to Ben Thanh


6:00 PM

Cultural Tour

Isa Seow

Confirmed List of Speakers from Vietnam

    Mr. Pham Sanh Chau, Director, Culture Diplomatic Department, Ministry of Foreign Affair
    Mr. Do Quy Doan, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information & Communication
    Mr. Le Manh Ha, Director, Ho Chi Minh City’s Information & Communication Department
    Mr. Tran Binh Minh, General Deputy Director, Vietnam Television
    Mr. Huynh Van Nam, General Director, Ho Chi Minh Television
    Mrs. Nguyen The Thanh, Chairwoman, Saigon Media Group
    Mr. Nguyen Tran Khanh, Chairman, InvestConsult




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