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International Panel – FICCI Conclave – Oct 17, Chennai

International Panel for FICCI Conclave


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Oct 17, 2012 11.30 am


Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers, Chennai, India


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International Panel for FICCI Conclave

Event: FICCI Media and Entertainment Business Conclave
Venue: Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers, Chennai, India
Date: Oct 17, 11.30 am

The Centre for Content Promotion (CCP), based in Singapore, will present a panel of specialists at the FICCI Media and Entertainment Business conclave (MEBC), Chennai on Oct 17.

The panel will discuss the ‘long-tail" of movies and the role of Technological Protection Measures (TPMs).

Movies make the majority of their financial returns during the initial months of their release. In the current context, theatrical releases are not the only return on investments for films, especially with the rise of Pay TV and other business models on platforms such as the Internet; IPTV, mobile, new media. Technology and its accompanying digital rights are central in enabling new business models that meet consumer needs. The session will explore the “long-tail” of movie distribution; the role of security that enables new delivery channels and TPMs that drive this phenomenon.

As a part of FICCI’s initiatives to facilitate business further in regions within India and with an aim to bring the rich potential of the Indian Entertainment Market to the forefront of the global media & entertainment industry, FICCI organizes MEBCs in various Indian cities.

Legendary actor, producer and film-maker Dr Kamal Haasan is the chairman of MEBC.

Dr Haasan has remarked, "I am very happy to be guiding FICCI’s first ever initiative of this kind and to be associated with FICCI. We hope to be of genuine and substantial benefit to the Southern entertainment industry and help in bringing international participation to the conclave and enriching its content in every possible way.’

Panelists from the CCP and the Los Angeles India Film Council are Krishnan Rajagopalan, Head of Technology, Group Digital Life, Singtel Ankan Biswas, Chairman, Digital Broadcast Council, Consumer Electronics Appliances Manufacturers Association Paul Jackson, Chief Engineer, NDS Uday Singh, Managing Director, MPAA(India) Dr.Nagendra S,Head, Sales and Strategy, Ignis Technology Solutions Moderator: Isa Seow, Managing Director, Centre for Content Promotion

About CCP        
The Centre for Content Promotion (CCP) is a consortium of industry stakeholders dedicated to digital and analogue content creation, technological standards and innovation, legitimate business models, and secure delivery.

As the primary service to all its members the CCP works to generate awareness and education to the government, industry and public. We organise training seminars, public relations campaigns, and cross-industry cooperation that engender respect for content creation and secure delivery. 
Importantly, the CCP is an avenue to create an understanding and ecosystem between technology providers, service providers, content providers and regulators.

The CCP has an online offering of core services that it provides to all Members. The CCP provides important updates on content and technology developments, potential markets, developments in the field, seminars, conferences, basic “primer” documents, standardization activities, training and consulting, web and mailing lists, encouraging young leaders in the field, networking sessions and other priorities.

Other aspects could include liaison to government regulators in Asia Pacific, speaking opportunities, public relations and consumer advocacy, and finally, the capacity for special projects to be undertaken at members’ request. For more information, visit http://www.contentpromotion.net/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=45